Hey there, ORCHID LOVER!

Hello! I’m Anna Weston, founder of Orchid Bliss and expert orchid grower.

I live in a high desert in the Rocky Mountains where humidity is low and winters are long and harsh–not exactly optimal conditions for growing orchids. Despite my climate, I grow healthy, vigorous orchids, and you can too. I’m convinced that orchids can grace the home of everyone willing to learn.

I’m excited to share my orchid expertise with you so that your orchids can provide you with years of enjoyment, beauty, and satisfaction.

You can count on Orchid Bliss for 3 things:

1- How to rebloom your orchids

2- How to grow orchids with healthy roots

3- How to grow orchids with firm leaves (no more limp, floppy leaves)

Start here with a quick cheat sheet that will show you exactly where to cut your Phalaenopsis orchids’ flower spike: Click here, for the cheat sheet. It’ll be super helpful.

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Find out where to cut your orchid's flower spike after it has finished blooming


I’ll show you smart, proven methods to grow gorgeous orchids – one step at a time.

You may be wondering, how can you grow plants that are notoriously hard, delicate, and finicky? Instead of digging through books and websites, subscribe to Orchid Bliss, (it’s free) and totally within your realm of possibility. I’m confident I can help you to grow the orchids you’ve dreamed of. Seriously.