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I’m Anna Weston, the creator of Orchid Bliss. If you want to take better care of your orchids, but aren’t sure where to start, this page is for you.


what is orchid bliss?

Orchid Bliss in a Nutshell

In my experience, what most orchid enthusiasts crave–and what I focus on here at Orchid Bliss –is the following:

How to provide our orchids with the best care possible so that they will flower again and again. At Orchid Bliss we focus on providing orchids with a strong foundation. This foundation includes properly watering techniques, proper temperature, and supplying the right light. These 3 core pillars of solid orchid care will ensure that your orchids are well cared for and ready to perform.

At Orchid Bliss you can depend on sound advice about growing orchids from the roots up. You can count on flowering orchids.

What Orchid Bliss Is Not…

…a short-term gimmick. Here at Orchid Bliss, we are here for the long game. You can count on long-lasting, long-term results.

Learning to grow orchids does NOT happen overnight. When growing orchids, we are dealing with mother nature. Blooming orchids and generating orchid roots takes time. And, there is definitely a learning curve. It took me a while to fine-tune watering my orchids. Now, after a lot of experimentation, my orchids bloom and thrive. Yours can too!

Successfully growing orchids is NOT impossible. When I first started growing orchids 9 years ago, I became totally enchanted by their flowers, but the roots kept rotting and the orchids died. After trial and error, I fine-tuned how to properly care for my orchids. I learned that it is possible to grow orchids at home, even though I live in the desert. I feel like I live where orchids are least likely to thrive–outdoors. But indoors it’s another story. By focusing on the right kind of orchids and by giving them proper care, these amazing plants will perform! If this is what you want, I want you to experience this kind of orchid success too!


3 helpful posts

These posts provide a solid foundation for exceptional orchid care.

How to Care for Your New Orchid – A Complete Guide for Success

A Complete Guide to For Success



For optimum health, repot your orchid every 1-2 years. Come learn how.


Watering Orchids: No More Guesswork

Learn how to water correctly and you'll avoid the #1 cause of orchid death


orchid bliss essential #1

Start With the Right Potting Mix

The potting mix you use makes all the difference in how you care for your orchid and how well the orchid thrives.

Orchid roots need lots of oxygen. This means that they need airflow to the roots. If the soil compacts around the roots, they don’t get the oxygen they need. A loose mix with larger components prevents compaction and allows for plenty of air circulation around the roots.

Orchids need water, but the roots don’t like to sit in water. This means that your orchids need a mix that is absorbent, but that is also fast-draining. High-quality bark supplemented with perlite and horticulture charcoal drains quickly, yet is also absorbent. 

Decomposition causes the mix to compact and decreases oxygen to the roots, compromising the health of the orchid. This happens when the potting mix breaks down and decomposes. Orchids need a durable potting mix. 


the potting mix I use and trust

Bonsai Jack Universal Orchid Potting Mix

I use Bonsai Jack Universal Potting Mix. I can honestly say that with this mix, my orchids went from throwaway bouquets to plants that bloomed and re-bloomed. (Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.)

This ultra-premium mix is a Douglas Fir bark-based potting media supplemented with perlite and horticulture bark.  The average particle size is 3/4 inch, which makes Bonsai Jack Universal Potting Mix a loose mix that doesn’t compact and provides the roots with the oxygen they need.

In addition, Bonsai Jack Universal Potting Mix is absorbent. This mix is enhanced with 1% perlite and 1% horticulture charcoal, which not only helps to prevent compaction but like the bark, is absorbent, allowing slow-release moisture to the roots. Bark-based potting media does need a break-in period. Over time it becomes more absorbent. This means that in the beginning, you will need to water your orchids more frequently.

I choose Bonsai Jack Universal Potting Mix because it is durable and will last 1-2 years. This is important because although orchids need to be repotted, they don’t like it.

Bonsai Jack Universal Potting Mix is the potting mix I use and highly recommend.




Reliable Information

Learning to properly care for my orchids, including repotting them from the cheap mix they came into a premium mix, and learning how to properly water them were key factors in my orchid growing success.

The earlier in your orchid growing journey you learn how to care for your orchids, the more successful you will be at growing orchids.

There is lots of misinformation out there on how to care for orchids. In fact, when purchasing the Phalaenopsis, the most popular orchid, most often the care tag encourages you to add ice as a means of watering. There are better ways of watering your orchids.

reliable information I trust because I wrote it

What to Do with Your Grocery Store Orchid Ebook

The Phalaenopsis is the gateway drug to orchids. You can find a Phal in practically any grocery store and spot it in virtually every home design website and magazine. This was the orchid I began with and still love and grow. The Phalaenopsis is as elegant as it is reliable.

I want you to sidestep the problems I had when first growing orchids. That’s why I wrote this ebook. With this ebook, you’ll discover everything you need to successfully care for your Phalaenopsis, including how to properly water, pot, and provide the right light and humidity. Plus, I’ve even included bonuses, like how to style your orchid for display.

How to Care For Your Grocery Store Orchid is an instant PDF download, with colorful photographs and step-by-step instructions.




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