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what is orchid bliss?

I created Orchid Bliss with a clear vision: to help your orchids not just survive but thrive. 

Here’s How I Can Help You:

  1. Solve Watering Problems: I’ll teach you how to water your orchids effectively.
  2. Overcome Blooming Challenges: I’ll guide you through the pitfalls that prevent orchids from blooming.
  3. Tackle Potting Difficulties: I’ll show you the best techniques for potting your orchid, optimizing root health, and boosting overall plant vitality.

What Orchid Bliss Is Not…

This isn’t about quick fixes or short-term solutions. It’s about embracing the journey of orchid care, which is a process of learning and growth. I started my orchid journey in 2009, filled with challenges and learning experiences.

I’m here to share those lessons with you. You can trust me to provide practical, reliable advice on nurturing your orchids from root to bloom.

Foundational resources

Check Out My Top 3 Resources for Exceptional Orchid Care.

No-Fail Phalaenopsis Care for Beginners

Orchids 101


Orchid Bliss Essential #1

Discover the Secret to Growing Healthy Roots…

not this - Grow orchids like this with healthy roots

Healthy Roots Begin Here: A suitable potting mix is crucial. It should be airy, oxygen-rich, and well-draining, with just the right amount of water-absorbancy.

Avoiding Root Rot: Over time, a potting mix can compact, harming your orchids. I recommend a mix that maintains its structure.

I Trust rePotme Potting Mixes: rePotme offers diverse mixes for various orchid types, along with components for customized potting mixes. They’re also my go-to for orchid pots, fertilizers, and grow lights. Click here to to go to rePotme – at no additonal cost to you, I receive a small commission if you purchase through this link.


Start with a Platinum Community

As you embark on your orchid care journey, I want to extend a special invitation to join our Orchid Buds community, recently recognized as a Platinum community on Circle (the software I use for Orchid Buds). This prestigious status places us among the top 10% of 10,000 communities.

5 Reasons You Belong at Orchid Buds:

1- Struggling to find personal advice on orchid care?

  • Our community is where I’m hands-on, answering your questions and hosting live events to keep our interactions personal and vibrant.

2- Feel like caring for orchids requires either a degree in horticulture or magical powers?

  • In Orchid Buds we deconstruct misconceptions and offer practical, detailed courses, live events, photo sharing, supportive friends, and downloadable resources to enhance your learning.

3- Worried about being the new kid?

  • Making you feel like you’re among friends is a top priority for me and the other members. We do our best to make you feel at home right away.

4- Looking for a supportive orchid-growing network?

  • Orchid Buds thrives on member participation, from sharing orchid photos to providing mutual support, creating a vibrant space for growth.

5- Searching for a thriving orchid enthusiast group?

  • Our ever-expanding community is a testament to the value members find here, reflected in the success and beauty of their orchids.

By joining us, you’ll be part of a unique circle where your love for orchids is shared, supported, and celebrated.

Click here to join the Orchid Buds community and start your journey towards orchid excellence.

Click here to join the Orchid Buds community and start your journey towards orchid excellence.


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I’m here to help you every step of the way as you care for your orchids.

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Let’s nurture our orchids together!


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