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If you are passionate about growing orchids but you’ve ever asked…

“Why does my orchid look…so…so”

…wilted and limp

…barren and forlorn


I hear you…

You watered it.

You gave it light.

You fed it.

You LOVED it.

And, still, your orchid is wilting, drooping, and crying out for help.

Back in 2009, I grew my first orchid (or tried at least).

I was inspired by the birth of my daughter.

I even gave my orchid a name (Elizabeth).

But Elizabeth (the orchid) suffered at my hands.

I followed the directions on the care label.

I talked to her every day.

But all the love in my heart couldn’t save my orchid.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know..that’s how lost I was.

My heart broke when the orchid died.

And the day I gently laid her to rest I made a promise.

Never again. 

Some of my friends and family think I’m weird for being so passionate about orchids… but I don’t care.

Orchids are my passion.

And I’ve dedicated my life to teaching anyone who will listen to the TRUTH about how to really care about their beautiful orchid babies.

Oh, I just realized I haven’t introduced myself.

My name is Anna.

meet Anna - orchid bliss

Like I said, I knew I could do better for my orchids than I had for Elizabeth.

And now I am.

I began reading everything I could about orchids, buying more orchids, and trying new things with orchid care. I applied what I learned, and soon my orchids began to thrive and grow. I’m still learning, increasing my orchid collection, and I continue to experiment.

They say knowledge is power. With the right knowledge, you too can learn how to successfully care for your Phalaenopsis orchids.

The real power is what you DO with what you know.

And doing what we know is so much easier

And so much more fun


That’s where Orchid Buds will help you.

Get Personalized Help for YOUR Orchids – Just Like Chris S.

Inside Orchid Buds we will:

LEARN more about caring for our amazing plants with “Orchid Garden Parties,”

CONNECT with other Orchid Buds in members-only classes and workshops

and ultimately,

GROW healthier orchids.

Ready, set – GROW!

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Just $15/month. Cancel anytime. 

Take it from Becky, your Orchid Buds are here for you!

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside Orchid Buds

1- Orchid Garden Parties

Twice a month, we’ll connect with fellow Orchid Buds around the world as we share our orchid success and ask for help. It’s wonderful getting together with other orchid lovers who “get it.”

2- Orchid Culture Classes

In the culture classes, we deep dive into orchid care. These are exclusive members-only classes taught by orchid experts. And you’ll only find them inside the Orchid Buds community.

3- Community

Inside Orchid Buds there are “spaces” where you can ask questions, share photos of your orchids – or even just say hello. 👋🏼

You’ll get an insta fam with like-minded orchid lovers from all around the world. Together we support each other, answer each other’s questions and share pictures of our orchids, and commit to our orchids.

4- Premium classes

You’ll also get access to both Optimized Potting and Everlasting Orchids.

➡ Optimized Potting walks you through every step of the re-potting process. After gathering your materials, you can quickly repot your orchid in less than an hour.

➡ Everlasting Orchids is a 5-week class that shows you how to make small, intentional changes to your orchid’s growing environment so that your orchids will last for years.

This class helps you set in motion all the elements to encourage the orchid growth cycle, culminating in flowers.

Though designed with Phalaenopsis orchids in mind, the principles can be applied to every orchid.

Glenda Ray

Orchid Buds has given me the confidence to stay positive and forge forward.

Prior to joining Orchid Buds, I was totally dependent upon the internet for information. Now I have access to a village of fellow orchid lovers to assist me in growing beautiful, healthy orchids. I quickly learned that at one time or another, all members experience the same issues that I do. This has given me the confidence to stay positive and forge forward. I love being able to post pictures, give & receive encouragement and participate in the workshops that Anna provides. It is a delight to put a face to a name and meet other orchid lovers from across the country. If you want to gain valuable knowledge and participate in an excellent program, the community of Orchid Buds is for you.

Is Orchid Buds right for you?


Decisions like this can be tough. If you can check off at least two of these… the Club was made for you!

🟪 Find growing orchids relaxing but also frustrating when your little babies aren’t happy

🟪 Learned the hard way that figuring out all the nuances of orchid care can be tricky

🟪 Love the idea of learning from other orchid enthusiasts and seeing what people from around the world are up to

🟪 Have had enough of just Googling info and not having it work

🟪 Want to save time and money by having all the advice you need in one place

🟪 Already tried a few pieces of advice online but know there’s room for improvement… or you’re ready to pick up steam with your orchids

🟪 Want to make your orchid hobby more joyful!

Join Orchid Buds today
Just $15/month. Cancel anytime.

Orchid Buds has been a tremendous help to me

It was so exciting for me to get to see you and meet you, and share your stories face-to-face. Ain't technology grand? Looking forward to our next Garden Party. Orchid Buds has been a tremendous help to me in such a short time, and I look forward to sharing many more moments with each of you. We are going to become some Powerful Orchid Growers.


Can I really cancel anytime? Yes

Yup. Just email us at [email protected] anytime for any reason to let us know you’d like to cancel. We’ll cancel your subscription, and you won’t get charged again…but you’ll be able to stay in the community for the remainder of the time you’ve paid for.

Of course, you can always cancel right from your account. 🙂

There’s so much you can gain from the club, and we want to make it as risk-free as possible for you. Whatever help you need with your orchids, we’re here for you!

Your questions answered

How much does it cost?

Your membership renews on the day of the month you joined for just $15. Your cost will never go up – even if we raise our rates – your monthly rate will remain $15.

There is no long-term contract, and you can easily cancel anytime.

What if I don’t have a lot of extra time to devote to a hobby?

Orchid Buds is designed to add fun and relaxation into your life – no stress.

The Garden Parties are all calendared but are also recorded so you can watch the at your convenience.

Likewise, the premium classes that come with the club are also ready and waiting for you whenever you’re available.

You can attend the Culture Classes live, or watch the recording – whatever suits you and your schedule.

Orchid Buds is set up with flexibility, connection, and learning together in mind. We want you to have an excellent experience.

Join Orchid Buds today
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After joining, will I have to buy anything else?

Nope. Just bring yourself and your orchids.

Get ready to care better care of your orchids and get more satisfaction in something you already love. 💗

I live outside the United States. Can I still join?

Yes, you can! Connecting orchid lovers around the world is one of the purposes of Orchid Buds. We’ll learn together across different climates and continents! 🗺

Is it hard to cancel?

Nope. In fact, it couldn’t be easier.

Just email us at [email protected] anytime for any reason to let us know you’d like to cancel. We’ll cancel your subscription, and you won’t get charged again…but you’ll be able to stay in the community for the remainder of the time you’ve paid for.

You can also easily cancel your membership by clicking a link in your account.

Okay, tell me one more time. What exactly do I get?

  • Twice a month Garden Parties – Where you’ll get to know your fellow Orchid Buds, and their orchids. Here we learn, share, ask questions and help each other.
  • Exclusive access to premium classes – for as long as you’re a part of Orchid Buds, you get both Optimized Potting and Everlasting Orchids. These classes are normally $144, but you get them as part of your membership.
  • Culture classes – These members-only classes aren’t available anywhere else. Learn from orchid experts and ask them questions.
  • Friendly support from your orchid buddies – Connect with orchid lovers from around the world who understand your fascination with orchids.

Ummm, I’ve got another question.

Just shoot me an email at [email protected].

Ready to jump in?

orchid illustration - personified

There’s so much waiting for you.

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I no longer feel intimidated

I have 8 phalaenopsis orchids. Bought most of them in the late summer of 2022 but hardly knew how to properly care for them. I knew I didn’t want to just discard them after their blooms were spent and was looking for help to get them to rebloom. That’s when I stumbled on to the Orchid Buds Community. I signed up for membership right away. This was a gold mine of info I couldn’t find elsewhere online. I appreciate the no-nonsense approach to orchid care from the ground up in easy-to-understand language – I don’t have to be a horticultural “Linguist” to understand the info. I now have 5 phalaenopsis who are either growing new leaves/roots or are producing new flower spikes! And, one is now in full flower mode!! Yay! Kevin A.

Join Orchid Buds today
Just $15/month. Cancel anytime.