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Limp leaves? Rotten roots? No, no. Not for you. It’s time to turn your orchid care around.

Join Optimized Potting today and discover everything you need to know to re-pot your orchids so that you can grow orchids with vigorous roots and healthy leaves.

  • Access video instruction and downloadable worksheets so you can grow great-looking orchids.
  • Pot your orchids at the right time with customized potting mixes and pot so your orchid smoothly transitions into its new pot.
  • This class is designed to help you re-pot your orchid in an afternoon.

“I wanted to let you know that I took your advice from your carefully crafted orchid instructions and this past summer I repotted 3 of my Home Depot-bought orchids. All three orchids now have multiple new flower stalks, with buds on them…Repotting definitely was the key to keeping my orchids blooming. And patience. Thanks!” Wendy P.

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​​If this looks familiar, I can help

rotten roots - limp leaves

Instead, you can grow orchids like this, with plump, healthy roots and upright, stiff leaves.

vigorous roots - upright leaves

Re-potting orchids is key to successfully grow healthy orchids.

A fresh potting mix provides airflow around your orchid’s roots and prevents overwatering, which leads to rotten roots and limp leaves. Additionally, a new potting mix will keep root and leaf tips from turning brown due to accumulated fertilizer salts.

Enroll in the course to grow orchid babies you can be proud of.

love your orchid babies

Maybe you wish you could grow some unusual types of orchids, like the spectacular Dendrobium Fire Wings (pictured below). Potting your orchids is the place to start.

With Optimized Potting, you’ll grow both healthy roots and thriving leaves. When you’re ready to expand your collection, you know you won’t be wasting your money on an orchid that will die on you because you’ll learn how to care for your orchid’s roots and leaves with a customized potting mix. This class will show you how to re-pot with confidence no matter what kind of orchids you’re growing.

grow healthy orchids today

Here’s what Optimized Potting can do for YOU & YOUR orchid:

Shannon’s orchid recovered from rotted roots to become a healthy, thriving REBLOOMING orchid: