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In case you’re looking for the best place to buy orchids online, here’s a selection of hand-picked shops to get you started.

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Increase your orchid collection

If you’re ready to buy orchids online these shops specialize in orchids that can be grown at home on a window sill, or under lights. Remember, if you have any questions about an orchid and its care requirements and its compatibility with your home environment, message the owner before purchasing. Explain your growing conditions to find the right orchid for you. For tips on what to do before buying an orchid, click here.

Secret Garden Plants love it!

Secret Garden Plants offers some of my favorite easy-to-grow orchids and has been growing plants for over 45 years.

Floralistic i love minis!

Looking for mini Phalaenopsis or terrariums? Floralistic is your stop. The Phals come in 2 or 3″ pots and the terrariums are perfect for wedding or special event centerpieces.

Get the Deets
Life with Orchids stunning!

Life with Orchids is a shop with the hobbyist orchid grower in mind. These orchids are shipped as immature seedlings that will bloom in a year or two.


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