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Perfect gifts for orchid lovers, right here:

gift ideas for orchid lovers

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Orchids for the Orchid Lover: Phalaenopsis Orchids

Ready to chase the winter blues away? Winter blooming phalaenopsis are considered the easiest orchids to grow. But that’s only half the story, phalaenopsis orchids are prized for their long-lasting exquisite flowers.

Floralistic offers mini phalaenopsis orchids in 2-inch and 3-inch culture pots and they also offer orchid terrariums.

Floralistic 2 inch pot

Floralistic offers mini Phalaenopsis in a 2-inch culture pot.

Floralistic mini orchids

Floralistic offers mini Phalaenopsis orchids in a 3-inch culture pot.

Floralistic - orchid terrarium

If you are hosting an event, Floralistics orchid terrariums make fantastic centerpieces.


Hand-Thrown Orchid Pots for the Orchid Enthusiasts

Consider gifting a rather spectacular orchid pot. These hand-thrown pots are works of art created with love by master potter and orchid grower, Jolene Cap. These hand-crafted pots are everything that big-box, mass-produced items are not. This is a gift that orchid fans will treasure.

Form and function meet with Jolene’s hand-thrown orchid pots. Not only are the pots beautiful, but the holes provide drainage and airflow to the orchid’s roots.


Orchid Paper Products for the Home and Office

What could be lovelier than a desktop calendar featuring orchids? In addition to the calendar, at Favorite Story, you’ll also find note cards, gift wrap, and prints.



Orchid Art for the Orchid Lover

Imagine the walls of your home or office dressed up in stunning original or archival orchid prints.

These orchid prints are made with high quality 100% cotton paper using archival pigment by New England artist Sarah Martinez. The quality of these prints is such that the prints are hardly discernible from the originals.


These stunning paintings are original artwork painted by Kseniya Volosyanaya. If you have something particular in mind, custom orders are welcome.


For highly textured original artwork, Olga’s impasto-style paintings may be just what you’re looking for.

Register for the Why Aren't My Orchids ReBlooming? Workshop

To learn how to rebloom your orchids like clockwork

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