Orchid Centerpieces

A Centerpiece You'll Enjoy Long After the Party

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orchid centerpieces - white orchids

Get ready to make your orchids work for you by designing a professional-looking orchid display.

Especially if you’re an orchid grower, you may have a few orchids in bloom that are begging for you to show them off. Or, you may have an upcoming dinner or special occasion and you’d like to use orchids in your centerpiece. I’m in complete agreement with you.

Let’s talk about what makes successful centerpieces, some suggestions for containers for centerpieces, and, finally, let’s put some centerpieces together.

You'll love this guide on creating orchid centerpieces - pratical and beautiful

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A Successful Centerpiece

  • Looks good from every angle
  • Does not impede conversation
  • May facilitate conversation “My, what a lovely and interesting centerpiece”
  • Can double a gift for guests
  • Is eye-catching
  • Can be made ahead of time
  • Is long-lasting

Containers for Centerpieces

  • Serving dishes
  • Silver
  • Glass: mercury, seeded, colored, milk or clear
  • Pedestal dishes
  • Flat trays
  • Baskets, bread, Native American
  • Wood: box, cutting board, cheese board

Supplies You’ll Need to Create Your Arrangement

Tip: In this post I talk a lot about using orchids potted kokedama style. While this style is by no means a prerequisete for centerpiece orchids, they are fun. If you’d like to learn more, check out this post:

Orchid Centerpiece Using Serving Dishes

orchid kokedama in trifle dish - orchid centerpieces

This ceramic serving dish is just the right size to hold three mini Phalaenopsis orchids. Topped with reindeer moss, this display will last for several months.

orchids and air plants - centerpieces

This narrow serving dish for three mini Phalaneopsis orchids. After setting the orchids in the dish, cover the base of the orchids with reindeer moss.

Orchid Centerpiece with Kokedama in Glass

orchid kokedama in trifle dish - orchid centerpieces

This orchid kokedama centerpiece displayed in a trifle dish looks great from every angle. The slender orchid and glass container does not impede guests from seeing each other across the table.

Orchid Centerpiece: Tray with Orchids and Air Plants

orchid kokedama in trifle dish - orchid centerpieces

Keep it simple. Sometimes just grouping the orchids on a tray is enough.

orchid kokedama in trifle dish - orchid centerpieces

If you want to dress up your design, a simple way to do that is to add air plants. No potting or dirt is required with air plants. These air plants, T.  melanocrater v tricolor show off red flowers. What could be easier? To add a little polish, top the orchid pots with a bit of preserved reindeer moss.

orchids and air plants - centerpieces

For an alternate view, use another variety of air plants. Pictured above T. peach capitata.

Orchid Centerpieces: More Is Sometimes Just More

simple centerpiece - mini orchid

This mini orchid couldn’t be simpler, or more colorful. The vibrant magenta flowers contrast with the robin egg blue ceramic pot. A touch of purple reindeer moss highlights the flowers.

simple centerpiece - mini orchid

A study on simplicity is these two kokedama orchid set in uniquely shaped dishes.

Tip: If you are using kokedama, fill the bottom with a shallow layer of gravel to stabilize the orchids.

gravel to stabilize kokedama - centerpieces

Just a bit of gravel in the bottom of your dish will keep your kokedama upright and secure.

kokedama simple centerpiece

Safe and secure this kokedama orchid regally sits in its pot.

Your Turn

When designing your orchid centerpieces, keep in mind these three things: First, orchids are ideal because you can purchase and get them ready WAY in advance and you won’t have to worry about the flowers fading. You can put these together weeks before your event and they will only improve as more flowers open. Second, remember that the centerpiece should facilitate, not detract from the conversation. (That’s why I like mini orchids; they aren’t too tall.) And, third, be sure the centerpiece looks good from every direction. With these things in mind, your centerpieces are sure to be a hit. Orchid flowers tend to be long-lasting by nature and they are definitely eye-catching.

Buy Orchid Terrariums

If creating your own display just isn’t your cup of tea,  click here to check out these orchid terrariums:

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    In this post you’ve highlighted what I really love about orchids: their gorgeous simplicity. I especially love the arrangements with air plants and the kokedamas.

    1. Anna says:

      These centerpieces truly are a cinch to put together and look amazing. I couldn’t agree more – the simplicity of the arrangements brings out the natural elegance and beauty of the orchids. I’ve had A LOT of success with my phalaenopsis orchid potted kokedama style. They seem to really like it. The secret is the wiffle ball in the center that keeps the moss ball from holding too much water.
      Warmest regards,

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    1. Anna says:

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    1. Anna says:

      Sounds beautiful! Congratulations to your brother and wish you all the best in your preparations!

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    I cannot do your orchid arrangement at this time because the spikes of 8 of my 12 orchids in my bay window are just emerging. I am so thrilled that they have spikes at this time. Anna, I noticed that orchids start bearing spikes when the weather is beginning to get cooler. Is this true in the orchid world? Thanks.

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Are your orchid leaves limp and wrinkly?

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