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You love orchids, you want another, but before buying orchids you want the lowdown on how to get the best orchid for the best price. The truth is, orchids can be costly.

Let’s discuss several different buying options for orchids: local nurseries and orchid shows, nurseries-online, big box stores, specialty shops, and friends.

You'll love these sources for orchids that won't break the bank

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Buying Orchids: Top Quality Best Price

TIP: Before you buy, make sure you purchase an orchid that you can provide the care it needs. To learn about 6 easy orchid that will thrive in your home, click here.

Local Nurseries & Orchid Shows*

*I am listing these together since the pros and cons pretty much the same.


Choice: You get to select the orchid that looks best to you. Inspect the leaves, the roots, the flower, everything. Then you pick the one you like most.

Selection: There may be several different varieties to choose from. If there is a certain orchid you’ve been trying to find, a nursery is your best bet. At orchid shows you will have the choice between many different vendors.

Expertise: This is the biggest advantage is that you can talk, face-to-face with knowledgeable experts. And, if they aren’t experts, you’ll be able to pick up on that right away. Whatever questions you have about any particular orchid, you can ask.

Note: When deciding where to buy orchids you’re more likely to get an orchid expert at an orchid show than you are at a general plant nursery. I look forward to buying a few orchids every time I attend the Salt Lake City Orchid Show.


Price: These orchids can be pricey.


Nursery: Online


Convenience: When purchasing orchids online you never have to leave the comfort of home. You can shop around at many different stores, all with the click of a button.

Selection: Online you will find the biggest selection anywhere because there are so many options.

Expertise: While you will not be able to talk to an expert face-to-face, you can communicate chat online or via email. They should be able to answer any question you have, if not, keep looking. Buy from a grower who knows their orchids.


Price: Again, the cost of an online orchid can be pretty steep, plus there are shipping charges.

If you are interested in purchasing orchids online, here are some of my favorite online shops:


Big Box Stores


Price: The biggest advantage of buying orchids at a big box is the price. If are lucky enough to have a Trader Joes nearby. You can buy orchids inexpensively. Sometimes you can purchase orchids that are out of bloom for a few dollars.


Selection: Usually there is an abundant supply of Phalaenopsis orchids, sometimes I’ve seen Cymbidiums and Dendrobiums. Be careful when purchasing Dendrobiums at a big box store as they are invariable overwatered. Though Trader Joes and Wegmans have a  wider selection than most.

Expertise: There may not be anyone who can answer your questions. And, sometimes these orchids may not have been well cared for.

Specialty Shops


Convenience & Expertise: If you have an orchid shop around the corner then you’ll get beautiful orchids from a knowledgeable seller. You may be able to purchase an orchid less expensively in a grower’s pot, or you can pay more for an orchid in an elegant pot.

The price depends on the store. You may pay top dollar, or you may be able to get some good deals.



Price: I’ve been offered more orchids (usually moth orchids) than I can accept from friends who have an orchid that is out of bloom.


Expertise: You may be offered an orchid that has been very poorly cared for–often WAY over-watered. But hey, it was free.

Supply: You can’t always get an orchid from your friends whenever you want one 🙂

You’ve Got This!

I’ve purchased orchids from all of these sources and have been happy with the orchids. My last bit of advice when buying orchids is to check the orchid carefully. Make sure it’s healthy and not carrying any hitchhikers.

For best odds, it’s a good idea to buy orchids that will do perform well in your growing environment. To learn about specific types of orchids that you can grow in your home, click here

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For your orchids' sake, I hope you won't ever need this info., but here it is anyway - just in case.

  1. Diane Rouse says:

    I want to buy 3 kinds of Orchids. My father use to have, when he raised them in Florida. Hopefully you can help me and I spelled the names corretly.
    Blc.Goldenzelle “LemonChiffon” AM/HOS ; BLC. Mahina Yahiro “ULll” pink and C.Star Parade “Volcano Queen”.
    Ihad these beautiful orchid but they died when I was out of state for a couple of months and wasn’t there to take care of them. Can you tell me where I can purchase theses 3 kinds of Orchids?
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Anna says:


      I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your orchids! What a disappointment.

      Here is what I found:
      Blc. Mahina Yahiro ‘Mishima’ AM/AOS
      Cattleya Star Parade ‘Volcano Queen’

      I don’t know that these are exactly like the orchids from your dad, but they should at least have similar parentage.

      Enjoy your Cattleyas!

  2. Thanks, it is quite informative

    1. Anna says:

      I’m glad I could help!

  3. Lyra Piper says:

    hello, I’m looking for specific type of orchid called Grammatophyllum speciosum. It will be present for my mom, she is an orchid lover and expert.
    Can you tell me a good place to buy them, I live in south Florida.
    thank you

    1. Anna says:


      Here are a couple of options:



      I found a couple of other places that sell the Grammatophyllum speciosum, but it was out of stock. Theese babies grow up to be HUGE! Let me know how it goes!
      Have a great day!

  4. Eleanor says:

    Where can I find vandas in South Florida?

    1. Anna says:

      I would check your local garden nursery. If they don’t carry vandas, ask them for a reputable vendor. Also, I am sure you could find vandas at a local orchid show.

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the ONE email you'll open every week

Saturday mornings I send out an exclusive email sharing my best tips on how to grow healthy orchids.